What happens when we really listen? Making exterior space for listening… Making interior space… And actually wanting to listen to what the Lord has to say to us… A homily by Fr Stephen Wang.


Prophecy, truth, love. See post at Jericho Tree by Fr Jerome Santamaria.

Prayers for children to learn and treasure. See post at Jericho Tree by Martin O’Brien.

Creating a sanctuary or a “war room”. See post at Jericho Tree by Anne Morton.

What’s the point of walking through a Holy Door in this Year of Mercy? Don’t you have plenty of good doors of your own at home to walk through? A homily by Fr Stephen Wang for university students on their Year of Mercy pilgrimage from the Church of the Immaculate Conception, Farm Street, London, to Westminster Cathedral.

This is a time for us to rediscover the beauty of God, the beauty of the face of Jesus Christ. Beauty is such an important way of thinking about God. Because beauty, at one level, has no purpose, no meaning – other than itself. It’s not “useful”; it’s not for the sake of something else. It is simply to be, and to be beheld.

Faith in politics: apply now for the Catholic Parliamentary and Public Affairs Internships. See post at Jericho Tree.


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