How can Sycamore help your parish or community? Take a look at these two testimonies below from leaders who have just started running Sycamore in their parishes, in two very different contexts.
For more information see the website here: https://www.sycamore.fm/ and especially the “Why Start a Group?” page here: https://www.sycamore.fm/about-sycamore/why-start-a-group/
Fr Mark Harold, from Bamber Bridge in Preston writes:
“We had our first session with parents of children preparing for First Holy Communion this week. It was very well received. We have usually presented the parents with an explanation of what the children are doing with their catechists; however, that approach does not really stimulate the parents’ faith – it perhaps simply repeats the teaching they heard themselves as children but does not relate to them today. Sycamore helps to put matters of faith into their sphere of experience today and we hope will encourage them to journey with their children over the next 9 months. We have six sessions scheduled over the programme so we are using the 6 videos given for the “Pathway for Lent”.”
Fr Anselm, OSB, from Downside Abbey writes:
“We ran the Sycamore course in St Benedict’s Parish, run by Downside Abbey. The group that came really enjoyed the structure of each session. We started with some food (just coffee and biscuits usually) and an opportunity to catch up, before watching the video. As the group leader, it was actually very easy! I simply needed to facilitate the discussion, and from a purely selfish point of view, I had to prepare very little in advance, which made it not only easy, but even a good experience for me as well!
The videos are excellent – and the new series has better quality sound and picture. They are really well structured, and the questions seem a little off-beam at times, but they all come together to make sense and to make everyone think about their faith in the context of their whole life. Fr Stephen Wang’s presentations are masterly! Complex theological ideas are explained well and clearly – but not watered down – without using unnecessary jargon. And technical terminology, when necessary, is explained.
We are starting Sycamore again in September. A number of members of the original group have asked when we are going to start! That is always a good sign.”
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So many Christians long to share there faith but are unsure how to start. It’s hard to do alone, so why not get together with one or two others from your parish or community and start a small evangelisation team? Don’t be daunted! You only need to take one step at a time.
To see how Sycamore could help your team, visit here:
For practical advice about how to move forward see the Sycamore planning materials here:

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