You, the bible and “God’s Big Plan”: an inspirational new bible course from CaFE and Bible Society. See post at Jericho Tree.

RCIA: Don’t stop with just a programme. See post at Jericho Tree by Hannah Vaughan-Spruce.

If you know these amazing seven truths about baptism, how could you not hope and pray that your non-Christian friends would come to know Christ and ask to be baptised? A homily by Fr Stephen Wang at Jericho Tree.

A talk given by Fr Stephen Wang about the Holy Eucharist, with a focus on the Communion of Saints, the Living Word of Sacred Scripture, the Real Presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, and the Sacrifice of the Mass; with practical tips about how to grow in love for the Mass.

A retreat for young people in central London, 29 Dec to 1 Jan. See post at Jericho Tree.

Is your generosity spontaneous or strategic? See homily by Fr Stephen Wang at Jericho Tree.

The Year of Mercy: what you need to know about the Jubilee. See post at Jericho Tree.


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