Holy Saturday: feeling His absence; yearning for His presence. See post by Br Conor McDonough at Jericho Tree.

John Legend, Self-Gift, and the Last Supper. See post at Jericho Tree by Br Conor McDonough.

What is time? How can we use the gift of time? Who is the God who created time? A Lenten reflection by Fr Stephen Wang

Do Catholics really need to share their testimonies?! See post at Jericho Tree by Fiona Mansford.

Thinking Christian Ethos: The meaning of Catholic education by David Albert Jones and Stephen Barrie. See post at Jericho Tree.

What happens when we really listen? Making exterior space for listening… Making interior space… And actually wanting to listen to what the Lord has to say to us… A homily by Fr Stephen Wang.


Prophecy, truth, love. See post at Jericho Tree by Fr Jerome Santamaria.


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