Why we all need to think deeply about chastity. See post by Hannah Vaughan-Spruce at Jericho Tree.

A Guide to the Family Synod, Part 3: ‘The Gospel of the Family’. See post by Elizabeth Howard at Jericho Tree.

Lord Patten proposes massive shake-up of Vatican communications. See post by Fr Stephen Wang at Jericho Tree.

The fourth film in the Sycamore programme is now available to view and download, on the topic “The Holy Spirit in our lives”.

For information about how to use this film visit here.

For more information about the programme, and how to use the films in general, visit the main Sycamore site here: http://sycamore.fm/

The film itself is here on vimeo: https://vimeo.com/127832113


The morality of nuclear weapons. See post at Jericho Tree by Fr Stephen Wang.

Blessed Oscar Romero. See post at Jericho Tree.

Ten Reasons to Use ‘Transformed in Christ’ for your Confirmation Programme (Part 2). See post at Jericho Tree by Hannah Vaughan-Spruce.


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