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I’m onto my third ‘best worship songs ever’ triple-CD in the car – the latest being The Best Live Worship Album…Ever!

This has two of my all-time favourites. I can’t find the same live versions on YouTube, so here are two alternative studio versions.

First, Majesty (Here I am) – not the hymn you often hear in Catholic churches, but the Delirious? song.

Second, There is a Day by Phatfish (I think…). It takes ten seconds to start – be patient!

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Three of my favourite contemporary worship songs are ‘Hosanna (Praise is Rising)’, ‘Everlasting God’, and ‘Lord, Reign in Me’. I had no idea who wrote them, or whether they had any connection, but they kept turning up whenever I was at a youth retreat or charismatic prayer group.

A friend recommended Brenton Brown’s CD Everlasting God, which I’ve been listening to in the car for the last week. It’s great to discover that all three songs are by him and on the same album, and that his ‘versions’ (the originals) are fantastic – especially the title track, which is done at half the speed I’m used to.

I know quite a few priests who minister heroically at various youth events, pouring their pastoral energies out, with a real heart for young people – but they hate the music! For them it’s simply one long penance. Thank goodness I look forward to it.

You can listen to ‘Everlasting God’ here (sorry about the cheesy slides – but this is the best version I can find on YouTube).

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